Industries of Focus

ESI partners with clients in a wide variety of industries to provide consulting and IT services to get to the root of the problem and create comprehensive solutions that meet each client’s exact needs.

 We know that the challenges facing our clients are complex yet unique to their specific industry. That’s why our solutions take the nuances and requirements of your industry into account and provide you with the peace of mind and performance you require.

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educationYear after year, students become more technologically savvy and teachers incorporate more technology into their instruction. As the need increases in the classroom, it puts stress on school networks and reveals weaknesses in security policies. ESI works with K-12 and higher education clients to develop solutions that not only shore up IT environments, but also prepare teachers and administrators to effectively incorporate changing technologies into existing curriculum and methods. Looking to go one-to-one?  Our team will help plan and design a comprehensive one-to-one initiative that considers every variable and prepares exigencies before implementation. By taking the time to work out potential issues in advance, our clients lay the groundwork for a positive experience from the start.



Healthcare IT management poses a complex array of challenges.  From Bring Your Own Device complications to disaster recovery; from availability requirements to specific concerns like HIPAA compliance, ESI tackles the issues healthcare IT management requires and offers value-added solutions that boost compliance, speed up applications, and conserve resources.  We also focus on knowledge transfer – training your staff on the solutions we design to promote efficiency and facilitate your success.


legalWhen ESI assesses IT for law firms, we find common stress points most often include the need for application availability and the requirement for centralized document management across multiple locations.  Because of the document-intensive nature of legal work, IT solutions in the legal arena often involve upgrading and enhancing the reliability and security of backups while maintaining seamless recovery in the event that an application goes down. Providing IT for law firms, in the form of uniquely tailored solutions, is a critical part of our commitment to your success.


ESI’s government IT experience includes everything from international airport consulting to working with county governments, cities and state government organizations that serve Hoosiers and citizens around the Midwest. IT solutions for government clients often involve an emphasis on data retention, backup storage, and virtualization. We understand that budgets and staffing levels are under scrutiny, so we focus our local and state IT consulting on finding efficient and economical ways to deliver excellent IT results.


manufacturingESI creates unique manufacturing IT solutions that focus on performance, reliability, and efficient management.  We understand performance is critical, especially in harsh facility environments. Continuity of operations is key, and our clients can’t afford a solution that fails in the face of difficult construction, interference from machinery, or fluctuating temperature and air quality conditions.  As important, making data and applications portable, while insuring adequate security and storage, is critical for many of our manufacturing partners – both small local companies as well as multi-location international organizations.


agricultureAs a Midwestern company, ESI understands better than most that agriculture forms a critical part of our nation’s security and well-being.  That’s why we take our agriculture IT consulting practice so seriously.  We understand the realities of your business, and build agriculture IT solutions around reliability and mobility so you can access the information and applications you need from any location, any time.


financialIn corporate and financial IT consulting, reliability and speed form the backbone of our uniquely tailored solutions. Our business IT management and financial IT solutions include components that add value by integrating and upgrading platforms,  and leveraging virtualization and cloud computing in ways that promote collaboration and speed up processes without compromising availability and control.  Creating and maintaining an IT infrastructure that enhances your ability to do business makes the ROI immense.  An ongoing partnership with ESI ensures that your business will be well positioned with an IT solution that protects your assets and prepares you for future success.

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