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One-to-One Initiatives

One-to-one initiatives are changing education rapidly, and ESI’s K12 consulting team is ready to help schools navigate the IT challenges as well as prepare your staff to maximize results and ensure a great experience for students as well as teachers.

One-to-one initiatives provide each student with an internet-capable device (a 1 to 1 laptop in some cases, or a tablet in others), which changes traditional teaching models as the teacher becomes a facilitator rather than a lecturer, and requires curriculum changes to leverage the new technology. ESI provides clients with staff and organizational assessments to prepare for these changes, and offers guidance on professional development for teachers in preparation for rolling out a one-to-one initiative.

We also make sure that our clients are ready for one-to-one initiatives by performing an assessment of their current IT environments. Many schools require substantial network infrastructure changes, wireless updates, and guidance about device selection such as whether a tablet or 1 to 1 laptop will best meet their goals and fit their budgets.

Our team will help your organization plan and design a comprehensive one-to-one initiative that considers every variable and prepares for exigencies before implementation. By taking the time to work out potential issues in advance, our clients lay the groundwork for a positive experience from the start.

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