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ESI knows that our clients face complex challenges that are often industry-specific and unique to the current state of their business. That’s why our team creates customized solutions for each client and every project. This level of attention and individualized strategy allows us to build and implement dependable solutions that meet our clients’ goals and help them feel confident in their IT system.

Thefirstobjectivein any ESI engagementis understanding our client’simmediate needs and long-term goals. Next, we pinpoint challenges, identify opportunities, and get to the root of any roadblocks. The most effective IT solutions consider the nuances and requirements of the business. Our team designs a custom, comprehensive plan that fits your organization’s priorities and desired investment. 

ESI is a full-service provider and ourteam of50+ technicians, analysts, and engineers havethe skills, certifications, and capacity to implement the solutions we recommend. Because of our commitment to fostering client relationships and advancing our technical expertise, we’ve built a team of personable, client-focused IT professionals who excel at both communication and technology.
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Unique Needs

Predictable Costs & Predictable Outcomes

IT needs vary depending on your industry, company requirements, and current goals for growth. Our team of technology engineers take an in-depth look at your situation and get to know your company first. Then we design a solution that provides predictable costs to fit your budget and predictable outcomes your team can depend on.

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